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Jeep Wrangler – Shore Power Install

By adding ‘shore power’ you are able to power most electronics, maintain your 12V battery charge and power a block heater on your Jeep, or any other vehicle for that matter. I saw this idea on another page and thought I would give it a try.

Here is the link to Vagabond Expedition, where I found the idea!

Jeep Shore Power

I used the following items:

NOCO Genius GCP1 Black 13 Amp 125V AC Port Plug


NOCO Genius GENM1 4A 1-Bank Waterproof charger



Vagabond’s post address’s almost everything needed to complete this install. Although, I was left with a couple questions. These pictures should help out.


I chose to mount the plug on the drivers side for a couple reasons; its convenient from the drivers side and I was able to stretch the power chord from the battery maintainer across the Jeep, and not have it balled up by the battery. You will need to drill a 2″ hole to accommodate the plug, make sure to cover up the bare metal with paint so it won’t rust. The plug comes with a gasket and three screws used install. I lined up the plug level and made some small marks where I needed to pre drill some pilot holes for the phillips screws. The plug can go almost anywhere in this flat panel, its up to you where the hole is drilled.


The power chord can’t have a locking button on the female end, there isn’t enough room in the male plug fitting installed on the Jeep, to get your finger in to unlock the chord.


Currently running a stock battery setup, I will possibly will have to make modifications once a dual battery goes in. For now, the 120V power chord is tie-wrapped to the loom running behind the engine on the fire wall. This takes the chord over to the male plug from the grommet plug in the fender.


This is where I was initially puzzled… How to get the male plug into the engine bay? Turns out it was simpler then I thought, I was able to fit the plug end between the plastic tire liner and the inside body/ frame panel. You will have to pull the plastic liner out a bit to fit the plug between, but it fits. I then tie-wrapped it in a convenient location for the 120V plug from the battery maintainer.


This picture is directly above the horn, you can see the 120V chord from the maintainer at the top of the picture and plugged into the fender grommet plug.





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